Hello again Shinjuku

Japan has great food. That much is undeniable. That being said, is it sad that the best ramen I’ve ever had was in Melbourne, Australia? Ichiran is touted as a ramen franchise you can’t not go to whenever you’re in Tokyo. I personally find it a little bland and the soup’s depth a little shallow, but… Continue reading Hello again Shinjuku

Tokyo streets in December

Sunsets and Japanese residential areas made for a pretty combination that can’t be found anywhere else. The streets were lined with traditional Japanese homes – absolutely tiny and often clad in tones of beige, cream and brown – and “mansions” (which are not actual mansions as the name suggests, but actually are apartments) with neatly… Continue reading Tokyo streets in December

First impressions of Prague in February

Prague in February is an interesting one: it doesn’t exude or radiate or affiliate itself with other interactive verbs that trigger a second set of enticing verbs such as yearning, belonging or welcoming. Instead it remains aloof and impersonal, frostily-but-not-quite encased in a sheath of ember that glows orange only during sunset. The cobblestone streets… Continue reading First impressions of Prague in February